EN EPOscript 2: 10th anniversary of trilateral co-operation ID 10481

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Symposium proceedings, EPOscript Volume 2
This brochure comprising the text of the proceedings on the tenth anniversary of the establishment of trilateral cooperation between the European Patent Office, the Japanese Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The gathering, hosted by the EPO in Munich on 26 October 1993, attracted speakers and other guests from all three trilateral regions.

Those attending included past and present heads of national and regional Offices, together with patent attorneys and representatives of patent departments in industry. The anniversary was an occasion for all who have been involved in various aspects of trilateral cooperation to reflect on the progress made so far. They compared the present situation with the expectations of those who first devised the trilateral framework, and talked about the moves currently in hand to harmonise patent legislation and procedures. Looking to the future, trilateral cooperation seems set to provide even greater benefits for Offices and applicants alike.