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Terminology training manual for patent examiners is to further develop each user's language awareness and accuracy in the patent examination procedure in English. The manual is divided into chapters, each reflecting a specific phase or aspect of the procedure. Each chapter includes training material, solutions, grammar, a glossary and audio transcripts, and the manual is accompanied by a USB stick containing the audio tracks.

English terminology training manual for examiners


The training material part of each chapter includes a variety of sections that cover the two key areas of language learning: language and skills. The language focus sections focus on specific relevant lexis and grammar and highlight areas for development. The skills sections have been developed around real examination practices with an overall aim to help users develop strategies to communicate accurately and effectively in English.

In particular: listening and speaking activities focus on telephone consultations and oral proceedings, and include strategies to check information and ask for clarification, reading and writing activities focus on the various documents used in the examination procedure, and include strategies to help users understand complex texts and produce texts that are effective and linguistically accurate.

In addition, the reflect and review sections empower learners to personalize their learning process by drawing on their own knowledge and experience: the reflect activities give users an opportunity to think about language aspects ; the review activities help users to find connections among the concepts presented in the chapters and to reinforce their learning.

The texts used in the training material include authentic texts that have been slightly adapted for didactic purposes and texts that have been recreated based on authentic documents.

The Glossary and Grammar sections have been developed to assist with the comprehension and use of the vocabulary and grammar structures presented in the chapters. The Solutions section allows learners to correct their work and the Audio transcripts section allows them to check their listening comprehension.

The manual is designed for either group training or for individual self-study. When used for group training, this manual is accompanied by a teacher's handbook which provides the training facilitator with guidance on how to approach the training sessions.

This training manual was developed on behalf of the European Patent Office, with a German and a French version developed in parallel. The language level is set at B2/C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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