2004 EN European National Patent Decisions Report ID 21589

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The purpose of this book is threefold: to give the reader a handy digest of European national decisions on patent law, to give him the opportunity to compare the law outside his jurisdiction with that of his own and to give an account of the level of harmonisation in the field of European patent law. Its purpose is not to transform the reader into an expert in the law of any particular country, but rather to provide him with an initial insight into the current state of the law in the Contracting States of the EPC.

The book provides a short overview of cases in the national jurisdictions and follows the general pattern of the "Case Law of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office" (appearing in a Fifth Edition in 2005); the case law is divided into topics with short introductions and each topic is illustrated by short summaries of the national decisions. Separate longer summaries of the national decisions are reproduced at the end of each chapter, to make it easier for the reader to see the context of a specific statement. Although we have exercised the greatest care in drawing up the summaries, we cannot vouch for the absolute completeness and accuracy of the information given, if only because of their conciseness and the fact that, while every care is taken to obtain an accurate translation, it is the original language of the decision which is authentic and authoritative.

To this effect, the text of the "European National Patent Decisions Report" is reproduced in electronic format in the CD-ROM (attached in a pocket of the book) with hyperlinks which allow the reader to refer to the actual decision in its original language. It should be noted that those (few) decisions which have been published in the EPO's Official Journal can be read there in the EPO's official languages (EN, FR, DE).