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CONVENTION ON THE GRANT OF EUROPEAN PATENTS (EUROPEAN PATENT CONVENTION) of 5 October 1973 text as amended by the act revising Article 63 EPC of 17 December 1991 and by decisions of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation of 21 December 1978, 13 December 1994, 20 October 1995, 5 December 1996, 10 December 1998 and 27 October 2005 and comprising the provisionally applicable provisions of the act revising the EPC of 29 November 2000.

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  • 12th edition / April 2006

The 12th edition of the European Patent Convention (published April 2006) contains:

  • Convention on the Grant of European Patents (European Patent Convention)
  • Implementing Regulations to the Convention on the Grant of European Patents
  • Protocol on the Centralisation of the European Patent System and on its Introduction (Protocol on Centralisation)
  • Protocol on Jurisdiction and the Recognition of Decisions in respect of the Right to the Grant of a European Patent (Protocol on Recognition)
  • Protocol on Privileges and Immunities of the European Patent Organisation (Protocol on Privileges and Immunities)
  • Protocol on the Staff Complement of the European Patent Office at The Hague
    (Protocol on the Staff Complement)
  • Rules relating to Fees
  • Annex I – Index of decisions and opinions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal published in the Official Journal of the EPO
  • Annex II – Legal advice from the EPO in brief

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