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Synoptic presentation EPC 1973/2000 - Part I: The Articles
Special edition no. 4 of OJ 2007

By Decision dated 24.2.2000, the Administrative Council convened a Conference of the Contracting States to revise the EPC under Article 172(2) EPC. 

The Conference was held from 20 to 29 November 2000. On the last day of the Conference, the Act revising the EPC ("Revision Act") 1 was adopted: it comprises the text of

  • the 72 Articles of the EPC amended by the Conference,
  • the 7 new Articles inserted in the EPC (Articles 4a, 105a, 105b, 105c, 112a, 134a and 149a EPC)
  • the 2 Protocols amended by the Conference (Protocol on the Interpretation of Article 69 EPC; Protocol on Centralisation)
  • the new Protocol on Staff Complement added to the EPC.

Under Article 3(1) of the Revision Act, the Administrative Council was authorised to "draw up […] a new text of the EPC", in particular with a view to align the wording of the Articles of the EPC in the three official languages. The new text of the EPC 2000 was adopted on 28 June 2001 by the Administrative Council. It is this text which will enter into force on 13.12.2007 at the latest.

The present publication compares the Articles of the EPC 1973 with the Articles of the EPC 2000. The aim is to be able to trace easily each and every change to the EPC, whether adopted by Conference of the Contracting States in November 2000 or by the Administrative Council in June 2001. 

In addition, consolidated explanatory remarks have been included, as well as references to the Implementing Regulations to the EPC 2000 and to the transitional provisions. All the additional documents referred to as "Preparatory documents" are available on-line at