Open Patent Services (OPS) 2022 - (paying users) ID OPS2022

2.800,00 €

Open Patent Services (OPS) is a web service which provides access to the EPO's bulk data via a standardised XML interface. It does this using RESTful architecture.
Validity period

OPS data is extracted from the EPO's bibliographic, worldwide legal status, full-text and image databases and is therefore from the same sources as the Espacenet and European Patent Register data.

For a volume of data in excess of the free threshold per week a yearly subscription rate applies.

With OPS you can:

  • add EPO data to your own software applications or in-house databases
  • develop tailor-made clients
  • download large volumes of data



  • Up to 4 GB of data per week - free of charge
  • More than 4 GB of data per week - annual subscription for calendar year required

For more information about what we consider to be appropriate usage see our:

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